Who We Are

Our Mission

To preserve and protect Long Lake, its watershed and its ecosystems.

The LLPA is an organization of standing committees structured around priorities and strategies intended to benefit the Long Lake Watershed.

Get Involved! All activities and actions of the LLPA and its lake partners are volunteer driven. We encourage anyone with a passion for protecting Long Lake to contact a board member (below). Your involvement in our efforts will be very welcome.

Board of Directors

Byron Crouse – President
Sandy Campbell – Vice President
Jennifer Brigham – Secretary
Chuck Lawrence – Treasurer
Joe Thrasher – Past-President

Randy Krautkramer – Board Member
Brent Nolte – Board Member
Randy Poznansky – Board Member
Sage Dunham – Board Member

Jeff Linkenheld – Board Member
DJ Ehrike – Board Member
Donnie Marker – Board Member
Jim Schlesinger – Board Member

Eric Anderson – Board Member
Randy Champeau – Board Member
Brian Halloran – Board Member
Megan Mader – NWRPC


Executive Committee

Overseeing all other committees and reporting to the board is the Executive Committee. This committee is comprised of the officers of the board (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as up to two at large directors. This committee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the LLPA and overseeing all other committees.

Chair: Byron Crouse (President)
Chuck Lawrence (Treasurer), Sandy Campbell (Vice President), Jennifer Brigham (Secretary), Randy Krautkramer

Sustainability & Capacity Building Committee

The Sustainability and Capacity Building Committee (SCBC) is responsible for engaging in and developing capacity building techniques, as well as generating revenue through social events (Revenue Subcommittee), obtaining grants (Grants/Contracts Subcommittee), and securing donations (Gifts/Donations Subcommittee).

Co-Chairs: Sandy Campbell & DJ Ehrike
Jim Utts, Rich Hlava, Steve May, Casey Forbes, Signe Wrolstad-Forbes, Jim Schlesinger, Jeff Linkenheld, Randy Champeau, Byron Crouse

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee is responsible for:

  • Membership – documenting and increasing membership, billing and receiving annual dues payments, maintaining constant contact email information, tracking member renewal dates, sending welcome packets, sending thank you notes, and assisting general membership communications.
  • Event Coordination – assisting with the preparation for the Annual Meeting, Ice Cream Social, clothing sales and other LLPA events by coordination of board member’s help with the events

Chair: Byron Crouse
Members: DJ Ehirke, Sandy Campbell, Randy Krautkramer, Brian Halloran, Jim Schlesinger, Rich Hlava, Byron Crouse (Ex Officio)

Education & Communication Committee

The Education and Communication Committee is responsible for obtaining, developing, and distributing educational materials related to safety, AIS, water quality, etc. in the form of constant contact, emails, social media, newsletters, website updates, etc.  This committee should collaborate with the Operations Committee to ensure all members are being reached.

Chair: Joe Thrasher
Members: Sage Dunham, Brian Halloran, Sandy Campbell, Barb Lang, Byron Crouse (Ex Officio)

Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee is responsible for monitoring water quality (CLMN), water levels, AIS, Clean Boats Clean Waters, loon watch, etc. and providing data to as needed to SCBC Grants Subcommittee.

Chair: Randy Poznansky
Members: Randy Krautkramer, Joe Thrasher, Eric Anderson, Byron Crouse (Ex Officio)

Shoreline & Watershed Restoration Committee

The Shoreline and Watershed Restoration Committee is responsible for assessing Long Lake’s shoreline and watershed for preservation, restoration, and enhancement opportunities. Projects include, but are not limited to: shoreline habitat assessments, recruiting shoreline owners to install Healthy Lakes best management practices (rain gardens, diversions, rock infiltrations, native plantings, or Fish Sticks), installing best management practices, and building watershed partnerships. This committee should collaborate with the SCBC Grants Subcommittee to pursue Healthy Lakes and other grant funding.

Chair: Eric Anderson                                                              Members: Donnie Marker, Byron Crouse (Ex Officio)