Who We Are

Our Mission:  To Preserve and protect Long Lake, its watershed and ecosystems.

The mission of the Long Lake Preservation Association is to maintain, protect, and enhance the quality of the lake and its surroundings for the collective interests of the members and the general public, to carry out educational programs, and to make representations on behalf of its members. The LLPA is an organization of standing committees structured around priorities and strategies intended to benefit the Long Lake Watershed.

Funding of LLPA operation, activities, events and projects comes from membership dues and donations.  Some activities have also been supported by grants, although none are open at this time, meaning that membership dues and donations over and above dues are essential to support all current activities.

Get Involved! All activities and actions of the LLPA and its lake partners are volunteer driven. We encourage anyone with a passion for protecting Long Lake to contact a board member (below). Your involvement in our efforts will be very welcome.

Board of Directors

Byron J. Crouse, President
Steve May, Vice President
Joe Thrasher, Past-President
Joan May, Secretary
Chuck Lawrence, Treasurer

Eric Anderson, Board Member
Brent Blaeser,
Board Member
Sandra Hovey Campbell, Board Member
Randy Champeau, Board Member
Sage Dunham, Board Member
DJ Ehrike, Board Member
Randy Krautkramer, Board Member
Jeff Linkenheld, Board Member
Donnie Marker, Board Member
Randy Poznansky, Board Member

Brian Halloran, Camp Tomahawk


1. Executive Committee – This committee is comprised of the officers of the board (President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as the two non-officer committee chairs. This committee prepares board meeting agendas and coordinates with committee chairs to prepare and monitor the annual budget.  The Treasurer will prepare and distribute the Monthly Reports and Budget.

 Chair: Current President  (Byron J. Crouse)


2. Membership Recruitment and Retention:

  • Membership List
  • Monthly Monitoring
  • Receipts / Bank Deposits
  • Suggest / Prepare Email Blasts
  • Maintain a list of Long Lake property owners

Chair: Randy Krautkramer


3. Watershed Environmental Monitoring Committee – This committee carries out the environmental monitoring functions of the LLPA.  Other monitoring actions listed in the 2004 State of the Watershed Report may be addressed by this committee, depending on availability of resources and enthusiasm. Also includes AIS: identification of pollution sources, water testing analysis, and monitoring of invasive species.

  • Citizen Monitoring for Invasive Species
  • AIS Boats
  • AIS Survey
  • Survey of the lake for Invasive Species
  • Citizen Lake Monitoring Network-monthly water quality testing

 Chair: Joe Thrasher


4. Fish & Wildlife Promotion & Protection

  • Prioritized list – Inventory of Impaired Shorelands and Fisheries Habitat
  • Fish Sticks
  • Lake Stocking
  • Loon Nests
  • Lake Critters
  • Daily Lake Level Monitoring / Charting
  • Communications with Washburn County Commissioner
  • Lake Buoys

 Chair: Randy Poznansky

5. Education / Events

YES – Youth Education Scholarships

  • LLPA Annual Meeting
  • Cakes at the Lake
  • Ice Cream Social
  • School Field Trips
  • TBD

 Chairs: Sandy Campbell & DJ Ehrike


 6. Communication & Web Site:

  • Newsletters
  • Calendars
  • Email Blasts
  • Web site Update & Maintenance

 Chair: Brian Halloran


 7. Association Sales: Create opportunities to sell merchandise to generate association income that would promote the LLPA and its mission

  • Clothing Sales
  • Raffle tickets
  • Fundraisers

Chair: Steve May


 8. Sustainability & Capacity Building: Work on the development of the Long Lake Comprehensive Lake Management Plan and promote the development of necessary resources to effectively implement the plan.

Chairs: Sandy Campbell & DJ Ehrike


Barb Lang