Membership & Support

Why should I become a member?

We need your support for the health and well being of our lake.  LLPA members and directors have undertaken numerous activities over the ensuing years including Fish Sticks (aquatic habitat enhancement), Cakes at the Lakes nature programs, annual mapping and at times chemical eradication of Curly Leaf Pondweed, chemical testing of lake water for phosphorus and chlorophyll, the annual Ice Cream Social and Clean Boats/Clean Waters boat inspections at landings. Membership dues also support monthly recording of temperature and oxygen levels and water clarity testing, the commissioning of detailed aquatic plant inventories,  and contribute to youth education programs at Hunt Hill.

Become a Member

Click on the link below to print the membership form. Complete and mail it to our office with your payment.  Annual Membership Dues (January 1-December 31) are $25.00 per household.

LLPA Membership Form

Donation Opportunities

Additional opportunities to contribute are listed on the membership form and are as follows:

  • General Operations Fund
    • This fund includes membership dues plus revenues collected for general operations that are not
      otherwise designated for the fund categories defined below.
  • Lake Preservation & Land Conservation Fund
    • LLPA partners with landowners, assisting them in land preservation and conservation practices
      that are in tune with the environment and the improvement of the water quality of the Long Lake.
      Funds are used for matching grants, habitat restoration, fundraising, promotion, conservation
      easements, etc.
  • Watershed Environmental Monitoring Fund
    • This fund supports the identification of pollution sources, water testing analysis, and
      monitoring of invasive species.
  • Memorials & Bequests
    • Property owners have the opportunity to recognize long term owners and loved ones by
      giving donations in the form of memorials and bequests. The LLPA will work with donor to
      identify worthy projects that match the mission of the LLPA.
  • Fish Habitat Protection & Improvement Fund
    • This fund is used to support activities that maintain and improve the Long Lake fishery.  This includes projects related to spawning, habitat improvements through Fish Sticks implementation, and invasive species prevention with Clean Boats/Clean Waters.
  • First Responders Fund
    • The Long Lake watershed has trained volunteers serving as First Responders. These people are
      part of the emergency medical team working with the Birchwood, Rice Lake, and Spooner
      ambulance services. These funds are used for training of personnel, restocking of medical
      supplies and equipment.
  • Fireworks Fund
    • Each 4th of July, area residents and visitors can view from Kuntz Island, by boat or from shore, a
      fireworks display put on by area people. These funds are used to help purchase the fireworks.
  • Youth Outdoor Education Fund
    • This fund was established to send instructors of grades K – 12 to environmental educational programs,
      and student groups to daylong eco-learning opportunities at Hunt Hill. Recipients are selected from
      school districts in or near the Long Lake watershed.