Clean Boats Clean Water

Clean Boats Clean Waters

By now most boaters are familiar with the Clean Boats Clean Waters program, with volunteers helping to inspect for aquatic invasive species at public boat landings.  They also distribute educational materials and collect information about boat travel patterns between different water bodies.  This is the tenth year of LLPA participation in the program.

This year, 2020, is different, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are participating in CBCW, but with precautions.  All inspectors will wear masks, and they will maintain appropriate separation distances.  To avoid even indirect contact, there will be no handouts.  If there is vegetation attached to your boat you will be asked to remove it yourself, but inspectors will not touch your property.

Inspectors will offer to spray your boat and trailer with a mild bleach solution designed to destroy zebra mussel larvae, minute organisms which can be carried from lake to lake on your boating equipment and which are far too small for you to detect.  This solution is harmless to equipment and clothing.  It is more dilute than that used to clean vinyl house siding, but it will kill mussel larvae.  Only the inspectors will handle the sprayer.

Unfortunately, to avoid possible spread of the corona virus the decontamination stations which debuted in 2019 will not be maintained this year.  Please be sure to drain all water and remove all vegetation from your equipment before departing landings, and know and follow the rules for transporting fish and bait.  By using simple precautions we can prevent the spread of invasive species.